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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Installed motors, batteries and speed controllers to confirm placment and that they all fit ok.
Have to cut a new bracket to hold motors as they are sticking out the side to much so will be moving motors in 15mm each.
Confirmed placement for Batteries and drawn up bulkheads to reinforce bottom

Motors go in from outside as there is only about 5mm between them

They go in upside down so that the cables and the clutch can go through the access hole

Batteries in were they will stay and motors bolted in

There is going to be a bulkhead between the speed controller (black box) and the motors which the speed controller will attache to

Batteries sit just about right up to the turret, this is to try and bring the waight forward, There will most likely be a couple of smaller batteries in the front to power the computer, wireless etc

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