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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Have cut the first test piece of rubber for the tracks, these will be routed first and then cut to size, the will then have a washer and be rivited to the track along with glued as well, now need to order 1sq mate of it

Have desided to go with a urban camouflage theme of grey's and black's, will probably look at a digital camouflage patten for the top and turret

Back into it

Have finally got some time to get back into the little bits.
Am pulling all the road wheel assemblies off so I can get the painted and ready for final assembly

Friday, 30 August 2013

First track cut to length and put on for testing
Suspension sitting were it should and track joined

getting an idea of what it will look like

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Right Hand side on

Have attached all the suspension units on the right hand side and fitted road wheels.
Put on track so its ready to spin over and load test it.
Will lift a pallet up under the tank to take its weight (and that of the jig) with batteries etc in it so I can see how the suspension will ride.
Once that is done I will be able to cut the tracks to the right length and join them, then I will be able to run them up to see were the road wheels will want to track.

Here you can see the suspension units running along the inside

Left hand side test fitted

Got quite a bit done over the last few days
TIG welded all the stub axles into the trailing arms and assembled half the suspension units with lots of Coppercoate to get them moving.
Cut the retaining clips that go on the outside of the hull and hold the stub axle and suspension units to the side of the hull
Installed all the left hand side units and have tested the road wheels on the axles.
Also tried on one of its feet as well, they will have to be shortened but about 4-5 links but will do that last once everything is in.
Once thats done it will be time to hook up the batteries and give the left hand side a run to see if there are any other issues that need to be sorted before starting on the right hand side
Holes drilled through hull

Suspension units fitted with retaining clips in place

Road wheels fitted temporarily for testing 

There is still a small tire to go on each road wheel

About 4 links will need to come out of the tracks but still have to add idler wheels first